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My  name  is  Oliver
I  was born and raised  in the countryside so I’ve always had  a  strong  connection  to  nature  and the  great  outdoors.
It  was within this environment that I became  very  aware  and  conscious of  the  role  and  link we all play in  sharing our world  with  other  life  forms.
It  is  my  belief  that  all  things that  are  born no matter how great  or  small deserve  a  certain degree  of  rights  and  respect.
My  ultimate  wish  is  that  one  day  mankind  will  stop  interfering  with  the  natural  order  of  things  and  adapt  a  live  and  let  live  mentality.

Affinity for Animals

As a life long lover of animals it gives me great satisfaction and never ceases to amaze me the great lengths some people go to please their pets.                                                                                              Image result for pictures of dogs with play toys

From pampering them with cosy beds, play toys, the best quality pet foods and regular neat grooming.

On the other extreme,  some  years  ago  I   knew a man who  took   his  loyal  dog  totally   for  granted, never  allowed   it  inside  his  home,  housed  it  in  a  cold  shed   and when that dog passed away he just dug a hole far away from the house,  threw it inside,  dumped a bit  of dirt  on top  and  laid   down no markings   whatsoever. It  was  a  case  of, out  of  sight, out  of  mind.

To me that is no way to convey your final farewell to a   kind  friend.

That really struck a chord  within  and   convinced  me   that this dog was just looked upon as undeserving, unappreciated and something to merely discard  like  a  piece of  trash.

I considered this undignified and sad.

Getting  due honor  and recognition

The observation above became ingrained in my psyche and I took it upon myself to find a way where I could possibly aid people in this area.

After giving you unconditional love throughout  its life its only fitting that you show your appreciation by gracefully  laying  it  to  rest  and  by  displaying  a  physical  and  permanent  reminder  of  your  deceased companion.

If I can in any  way help you choose an appropriate memorial or  plaque then that  would give me great pleasure and satisfaction.

My Mission

This website exists to help pet owners during their  period  of  grief, assist  in  memorizing  your  loved  ones  and provide a platform  for  you to share thoughts, emotions, story lines, throughout  bereavement.

If you have any  questions feel free to  leave them below and I  will be happy to help you in any  way.





Founder of petlovingremembrance



    • Hi Srdjan,
      The Bulldog is a well mannered and good natured dog,
      hope you enjoy his company and he has a long healthy life


  1. I adore all of my pets. 6 cats and one dog. The thought of them not being with me leaves me with a sense of dread. I have lost a few over the years but they have always had a decent burial and a reminder of them. Mostly cremated and ashes delivered in a wooden box with their names and ages attached. They have become ornaments.

  2. This is exactly what I like to see when one’s precious pet has passed away. That is a proper remembrance.
    You have a big pet family now, here’s hoping for many more years of happiness together.


  3. Hey, Oliver.
    To be honest, I was looking for a website just like yours.
    As a big animal lover myself, I think it is about time somebody to write about our little friends.
    Dogs has always been my favorite.
    I will keep checking up for your next posts.

    • Hi Bobby,
      Yes there is something very special about dogs, in the general scheme of things I don’t think dogs are quite given the credit they deserve as regards how intelligent and intuitive they are.


  4. I have loved animals my whole life. But dogs have been the strongest in my heart forever. I would love to have a farm of dogs one dag where people could come and see them and pet them, ran off donations or my own money.

  5. I put my cat on a pedastal. She is the center of my universe. She’s given me 17 years of unwavering emotional support and love, which is more than I can say for any other human being including both of my parents. love your site!

    • Thank you Penelope,
      yes cats can and are very intuitive and have the ability to pick up on our emotional wellbeing. hoping you’ll get many more years of that same unconditional love from your special friend.


  6. I really love how your website is focused around the pet niche. I am a pet person myself. Dogs are my favorite. I really feel like other pet lovers will find this website to be helpful.

    Can’t wait to see more from you.


  7. Thank you Emonne,
    Glad to hear you are really keen on dogs
    if any questions don’t hesitate to ask


  8. I really enjoyed my time on your website today, I am a long time doggy owner and my roomy at this is time is a big cuddly Rottweiler. Whatever you heard this breed if not trained is not a danger to anyone, I shall return frequently to see what is new on your website since I love animals of all types.

  9. Hi Jeff,
    Yes I think there may be a misconception on what Rottweiler’s are and what they are not. They have probably gotten a bad rap over the years.
    There is a lot to cuddle in a dog of this size and I know you will enjoy every second of it.


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